Contemporary Timber Fencing in Liverpool

Timber fences are increasingly becoming popular as they blend well with any kind of natural setting. Common in the contemporary-themed homes and traditional houses, timber fencing in Liverpool gives a timeless and classic appeal to your home.

Pro Touch Fencing is a leading company when it comes to installing timber fences in your home. Our team of experts is proficient in picket fences, timber paling fences, and slat screen fences. We serve all the areas in and around the Liverpool region where timber fences are very popular for their use as neighbour fences, rural commercial fences, feature fences, and paling fences.

Qualified professionals

The chief reason why the residents of the Liverpool region rely on our services when it comes to the installation of timber fencing in Liverpool is that we have a team of qualified professionals who are pro in these tasks. They can provide the customers with any kind of design for timber fences while ensuring to meet the budget. As the wood is cheaper than the other type of fencing materials, we assure our customers of the best timber fences designed by our team of specialists according to the needs of the customers.


While several companies are dealing in timber fences in the market, it becomes difficult for the customers to choose one as they are unable to decide which one is the most reliable. Moreover, some companies boast of providing the best services to the customers with quality fencing but do not stick to the deadline in the end. Well, we at Pro Touch Fencing, take pride in ourselves in being deadline-specific while ensuring that we complete the project within the decided time frame. As we finish each job within the given period, more customers rely on our services when it comes to installing timber fences.

Quality products

Another remarkable feature of Pro Touch Fencing is that all our products are of the most superior quality. Most of the residents looking for a good company for the installation of timber fencing in Liverpool believe us because of the quality products and services that we offer to our customers. Our best-in-class services are something that set us apart from the rest of the companies in the market dealing in timber fencing installations and fencing materials. We have a wide range of designs from basic to decorative that blend well with the looks of the home they are installed in.

Residential and commercial fencing

With so many fencing companies in the market, there is a neck-to-neck competition between all to survive in the rat race and carve a niche for themselves. Well, Pro Touch Fencing succeeds in emerging as the best company amongst them all as we offer residential, industrial, and commercial fencing services in and around the Liverpool region. Not every company dealing in timber fencing in Liverpool offers commercial and industrial services, but we do.

Reasonable pricing

Many companies promise their customers the best quality products and services but charge high rates from them for the same. Also, some companies offer cheaper rates but compromise on the quality of services & products. This lands up their customers in a situation where they regret their decision and feel guilty for choosing a company that offers cheaper rates. Contrary to this, Pro Touch Fencing assures all its customers of reasonable prices on all its products & services.

Why choose us?

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