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Customized Commercial Fencing
Customized Commercial Fencing

Fencing is an important part of security for every commercial property. So, whether you need to prevent others access to the storage tanks or want to gate off some dangerous chemical equipment ranges, a good quality commercial fencing works as a psychological and physical deterrent for unauthorized personnel.

But to get the best quality commercial fencing as per your needs, you have to look for an expert, who can customize the designs as per your needs, manufacture the fences, and install them. This is where we come in.

At Pro Touch Fencing, we offer commercial fencing as part of the perimeter security solution to improve the overall safety of your commercial property while preventing unauthorized access. And every commercial fencing solution we offer addresses the security concerns of the commercial property owners in North Shore at the best price.

Commercial fencing solutions just the way you like:

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The security fencing solutions that we offer are not limited to machinery compounds and depots, industrial estates, high-security asset protection yards, and rail corridors.

We know well that every commercial property is different along with its needs. So, whether you need commercial fencing to increase the security of your property, to improve the aesthetics, or to achieve the combination of both, we can offer you a customized solution according to your desired width and height. Besides, you can also select the products and layouts from a wide range of options to get the product just the way you want to get constant security against pilferers, trespassers, and animals.

Being one of the leading industrial fencing solution providers, we have years of experience working with different warehouses, factories, and other commercial facilities in different parts of Australia. So, when you purchase commercial fences from us, your property will comply with the necessary Australian standards while being well-protected from unauthorized access. Want to know more? Then contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your property and we will be glad to offer you the right fencing solution.

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How do we work?

We start our job from the very moment you contact us for the quote. Sometimes, we offer free quotes to our clients depending on the description of their needs and the photos of the areas in question. After that, we perform free site visits to have a thorough assessment of the property and to find out the best ways to safeguard the outdoor infrastructure. And at this point, we discuss the additional elements like the height, width, colour, door of the fence, etc.

Once you agree with the details, we start designing and manufacturing the fences as per the discussion. With our extensive fabrication abilities, we can create the fences according to the shapes and sizes you want. After completing the fabrication, we will send our team of expert installers to the site to install the fences. They would execute the installation within the shortest time and once the job is complete, you will be happy with your choices.

Why do our clients prefer us?

We know the importance of maintaining security. Therefore, the experts of our company always design the fencing solutions carefully following the requests of the clients.

Apart from that, there are some other reasons why our clients prefer us:

  1. We have years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing commercial fencing
  2. We offer our services all around North Shore
  3. We specialize in offering affordable quotes for all the budgets
  4. We offer the best service every time you choose us
  5. We always maintain quick turnaround times

How to contact us?

One can directly visit our website and check out the required details. For direct contact via phone, call 0401398819. One can also visit our store at Torek Chaker, Po Box 211, Pendle Hill, NSW 2145. We are open Mondays - Fridays from 7am to 5 pm.

You can be assured that all your commercial fencing needs in North Shore would completely be taken care of by our expert professionals. Get free quotes, and we also provide you with assistance to get the perfect fencing for your commercial needs.