Popular Commercial Fencing in the North Shore

Seeking a commercial fencing specialist in the North Shore? Pro Touch Fencing is your one-stop destination for all your commercial fencing needs. We are among the most popular family-owned and operated businesses in the region that can meet all the expectations and requirements of our customers. We have progressed to become one of the top names because of our excellent services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience in the industry in the North Shore, we can design, manufacture, supply and install the commercial fencing in your space without any stress or much hassle.

We have the best team in the North Shore who loves their job with a dedication to every part of it. They assure that all your requirements are met without any delay in the completion of the project or compromise on the quality of our services. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable to help you select the right type of commercial fencing to match the North Shore lifestyle. Our team is always updated with the trending designs and will only provide you with the latest designs that will match your fencing vision. Our other fencing services also include pool fencing, lattice fencing, residential fencing, security fencing and more.

Commercial Fencing Options You Can Consider

There are many types of commercial fencing available on the North Shore. Someone who has never shopped for commercial fencing before might find this one big hurdle in the process. So here are a few commercial fencing options you can consider for your space:

  • Wood Commercial Fencing: Wood Commercial Fencing adds beauty to space and provides other benefits like security. Because it is taller than the residential fencing it has the strength to withstand bad weather conditions as well. Wood is a natural resource and can control termites too. It not only adds to the beauty but is also easy to install. However, one con of wood commercial fencing is it needs high maintenance periodically.
  • Vinyl Commercial Fencing: Vinyl Commercial Fencing is one of the great investments. It is easy to install and is versatile. It doesn’t need much maintenance and can add privacy and security to your property. One of the additional features of vinyl commercial fencing is that it is created using UV resistant materials and does not rot as time passes.
  • Metal Commercial Fencing: If you are looking for something only to secure your property or add a layer of privacy barricade to your property then metal commercial fencing is an ideal option for you. The metal commercial fencing is made from cast iron and can be created of any height. One of the major benefits of having metal commercial fencing is that it has a high durability level and can stay in the area tall for years to come.
  • Aluminium Commercial Fencing: : Aluminium is a great option if you are looking for something that lifts your property. The reason why most consumers have driven towards aluminium commercial fencing type because of its wide range of availability in different colours, style, and size.

Want to hire us for your commercial fencing solutions? Talk to our experts in the North Shore at 0401 398 819 or write us a mail at pro_touch_fencing@hotmail.com. Our team of customer care will try all their best to provide you with the necessary information in their capacity. They guide our customers about our commercial fencing services and other small or big doubts you might have about our services. To understand our working style and quality, you can read about our services on the website or have a look at our team of professionals’ work portfolio.