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colorbond fence panel
colorbond fence panel

Colorbond fencing has become very popular among property owners across Australia. And this type of fencing has gained the reputation of being safe, durable, and elegant.

So, installing the colorbond fence outside your commercial or residential property can make a great difference, not only in terms of the looks and aesthetics of your property but also in making your property a safe one. AT Pro Touch Fencing, we provide both customisation and fulfilment of safety standards.

With the crisp and clean lines, the colorbond fence looks beautiful from both sides. And there is a wide range of colour options to choose from, which makes it easy for anyone to find out anything to complement other areas of the property.

What makes colorbond fencing so popular?

  1. The material colorbond steel never rots or decays. And the colorbond fencing comes with long-lasting characteristics; therefore, it never rusts or oxidizes.
  2. Colorbond fencing is highly sturdy, and it also comes with private fencing options, which is very important for families with kids and pets.
  3. This fencing can last for years after years and can easily deal with weather conditions like a storm.
  4. Colorbond is completely fireproof. So, fire cannot also destroy this fence.
  5. Colorbond fences never get affected by termite or some other pest infestation.
  6. Due to the availability of many designs and colour options, this fence can give your home a completely personal touch.
  7. Colorbond fence needs a little maintenance. So, this is perfect for people, who are unable to take much care of their properties.

Now, if you are planning to install colorbond fencing on your property, then we are here to assist you. We know well that a damaged, a drab, or unsafe fence can lower the appearance of your residential or commercial property and it also offers a target for anybody looking to take advantage. So, installing colorbond fences work as a great step towards enhancing the appearance of residential and commercial properties. And at Protouch Fencing, we work as the fencing specialists in North Shore, whom you can trust.

colorbond fence installation

The best things about the colorbond fences that we offer are these are available in different styles and shades for the posts, railings, and metal panels. All these things will not only make the fences strong and secure but will also add a touch of modernity to your property.

And because of these elegant finishes of the colorbond fences, these fences can also be used for front fencing. Besides, due to the high versatility, these fences can be installed at different heights to match the requirements of our clients. Apart from that, due to the availability of a wide range of colours in these fences, these fences add glamour to the properties.

colorbond fence installation

Things that make us different:

  • We offer worry-free fencing solutions: The experts of our company ensure that they install perfect colorbond fences as per the requirements of our clients while leaving no worries for the property owners. The fencings we offer can offer you great security, high privacy, and confidence along with a great appearance.
  • The fences we offer are highly convenient to maintain: The colorbond fencing solutions that we offer are very easy to maintain. And the smooth surfaces of these fences ensure that these do not get dust and debris.
  • Quick installation of fences: Unlike other options for fencing, colorbond fences offered by us are very easy to install and the qualified technicians of our company ensure seamless installation every time while leaving no wobbly ends or gaps.
  • Affordable installation of fences: These fences are highly affordable yet of the best quality. And we never compromise on the quality of our job.

Choosing the best service provider-

Visit our website and check out the gallery to see some of the beautifully crafted and installed Colorbond Fencing. Contact us on 0401398819.