Environment-friendly Colorbond Fencing in the North Shore

Looking for colorbond fencing on the North Shore? Colorbond fencing is one of the trending fencing styles. By choosing to install colorbond fencing in your space you also add to the environment. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Pro Touch Fencing has evolved to become reliable fencing services in the North Shore. Our fencing services include a wide range of fencing services such as colorbond fencing, pool fencing, lattice fencing, commercial fencing, residential fencing and more. We are popularly known for providing A1 quality colorbond fencing that does not impact the environment. We understand our responsibilities in protecting the environment yet giving satisfactory experience to our customers.

Our team of colorbond fencing service has immense knowledge in the field and will assist you at every step till the completion of the project. They ensure to build proper planning before starting the project and provide our customers with all details from the scratch. With us, you do not need to worry about delay in the completion of the project, our team will complete the project in the given time frame with perfection leaving no stones unturned. Our team of professionals work closely with our clients and consider every little possibility to add more to their service.

How Colorbond Fencing Adds to the Benefit of the Environment?

Colorbond Fencing plays an important role in helping to secure a sustainable future for our environment. Pro Touch Flooring provides colorbond fencing services that assure no harm caused to the environment. Below following are some of the ways how colorbond fencing is benefiting the environment:

  • Recyclable Materials: Colorbond fencing is made using recyclable materials such as steel. In the complete process from designing to installing the fence, there is no waste emission that is added to the landfill.
  • Non-Toxic Synthetic Substances:While producing and making colorbond fencing, there is no involvement of any toxic synthesis materials. It does not release any chemical gas or waste into the environment instead reduces the danger of defiling the environment and water sources.
  • Resistant to Termites: The material used in making colorbond fencing can control termites and the growth of other bacteria. Unlike wood, the colorbond fencing will not let the fungus grow because of water absorption or allow any vector to eat up the fence. In other fencing cases, one must use toxic synthetic chemicals to control or treat the termite issues.
  • Easy Maintenance: : Because of the steel used as the material in making colorbond fencing, you don’t have to work on your fence again and again or repaint it, again and again, to keep its fresh look. Selecting the right colour will also assure there is no colour fading of the fence and stays for a longer time.

Contribute to the environment with our colorbond fencing. Pro Touch Fencing commits to not only providing quality services to customers but also understand the environment hour of need. To know more about our colorbond fencing in the North Shore, you can call us at 0401 398 819 or write us a mail at pro_touch_fencing@hotmail.com. Our customer care team is very dedicated to our clients and will make sure that you don’t hang up on a call with no answers. You can also visit our website to read the experience of our other clients with us.