Aluminium Steel Fabrication in Sydney

Looking for an expert in aluminium fabrication in Sydney? Look no further, Pro Touch Fencing is your one-stop shop for all aluminium fabrication solutions. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years; we have mastered the art of making the finest aluminium sheet via the aluminium fabrication process. We pride ourselves on completing all the projects on time from the scratch without any quality compromise. We leave no work unfinished, and our services are popularly known for our consistency and excellent quality making us the most preferred aluminium fabrication services in the region.

Our team of professionals in Sydney have in-depth knowledge of aluminium fabrications and assure to share all the knowledge with you so that you can deliver your requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and create what they are looking for in the market. Our services comprise several years of experience in steel fabrication, highly skilled professionals, cooperative customer care, dedication, hard work and trust.

Our services are available in Hills District, Baulkham Hills, Beaumont Hills, Box Hill, Kellyville, and Western Sydney.

Pro Touch Fencing also cater services in the following.

  • Pool Fencing
  • Lattice Fencing
  • Industrial Fencing
  • Colorbond Fencing
  • Slat Aluminium Fabrication
  • Timber Fencing
  • Security Fencing
  • Residential Fencing
  • Commercial Fencing
  • Gates and Automatic Gates

Aluminium Fabrication Technique You Must Know About

If you are a beginner, you may find it a little difficult to understand what your requirements are and what you must investigate. It is always wise to research your end so that you can also pour in your ideas while discussing the project with your professionals. Different types of aluminium fabrication are performed using different techniques. Here are a few techniques that you can discuss with your professionals:

  • Extrusions: Extrusion is a process in which less stress is applied to the aluminium. The force is applied to create an open or close enclosure through or on the die. This process can be performed when the metal is hot or even when cooled down.
  • Machining: Machining has two processes involved that are turning and milling. This process can be conducted with aluminium of 1100, 2011, 3001 and 6061. Machining is the process to reduce the metals by giving a shape to the die. One must use lubricants and special tools to perform this process as general tools cannot be used because of the thermal properties.
  • Drawings: Drawing is the process in which the metal is pulled by stretching it through a tapered die. Because of the ductile property of aluminium, it can be easily drawn inside wire and other products. It can be used in alloys of 3003, 5005, and 5052.
  • Forming: Forming is a process to shape the aluminium sheet in the desired way. It is done by bending, stamping, and rolling based on the aluminium's properties such as softness and flexibility.

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