Aluminium Fabrication Experts in Beaumont Hills

Aluminium is one such element that can be used in all industries. For making the right use of the element, it must undergo an aluminium fabrication process to make the most of it. The aluminium Fabrication process must be handled only by professionals as there is a high chance to damage the material or lose its property if performed in DIY. Pro Touch Fencing is one such professional in the Beaumont Hills region excelling in the aluminium fabrication industry. We offer a wide range of aluminium fabrication services to the residents of Beaumont Hills based on the requirements of the customers within the budget.

Why Choose Pro Touch Fencing Services?

We understand that there are many aluminium fabrication services in the region and hence you might not be able to settle to one service provider within a minute. However, here are some perks that you will enjoy if we earn your trust in hiring us:

  • Completion of the project within the given time frame.
  • Services within the budget
  • 100 per cent guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Cater to all industries including residential and commercial.
  • Immense knowledge and experience in the field
  • Quality Services and Products

Types of Aluminium Fabrication

The fabrication method plays an important role in producing the final product. You must always choose a suitable aluminium fabrication method depending on the purpose and requirements. Following are some types of methods that you can prefer:

  • Casting- Casting is a process in which the molten metal is filled into a container for desired shapes. This process is performed on mass production. Casting is also available in different types such as die-casting, permanent mould casting and more. In some casting processes, vacuums are also used for the effective final product.
  • Folding- Metals can be easily folded or bent. It is one such way to mould aluminium in the desired shape. Using strong tools like hammers and putting pressure on the sheets can help in moulding the shape of the aluminium. You can also use folding machines famously known as folders to perform this task.
  • Forging- Forging is a method to compress the metal using tools like hammers or die strikes. Forging of aluminium can be further done in two ways- Cold forging, Warm Forging and Hot Forging. Cold forging is when the aluminium fabrication is processed when the metal is in the cool temperature while warm forging is conducted when a metal is heated - above the room temperature and below recrystallisation. Hot forging is a process conducted on metal when a metal is heated at the recrystallisation temperature.
  • Punching- Turrets shapes tool is punched against the metal through or into a die to create holes is known as Punching. Since it is a technology-based process, the product can be a metal sheet with a hole that can be removed by the process known as blanking. Many firms consider hand-powered punch if the punches are simple and on a small scale.

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